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Walk In Trans Beauty Podcast

In this podcast I, a Diné Trans Woman living in Minnesota, share my journey toward womanhood and how walking in Trans Beauty is not surviving, but thriving. 🎧 Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Episode 1 | Finding One's Voice Can Be Difficult

Finding one's voice can be difficult. Some would say it's even more so for anyone who identifies as both Transgender and a Navajo Indian from White Cone, Arizona.

Episode 2 | Bullying in School

Navigating the K12 education system inspired a Navajo transwoman to find her inner voice and identity. Her experiences with bullies, her first great loss, and growing her confidence launches Donavan toward pursuing higher education.

Episode 3 | Pray. Obey. Rebel.

Donavan, a Diné from White Cone, Arizona articulates her early identity development and journey towards womanhood. Donavan shares about the Native American Church and Christianity - a reflection of liberation as an indigenous woman.

Episode 4 | Suffering In Silence

The pain lingers, as you're screaming in silence and the world seems to continue on around you.

TRIGGER WARNING!! This episode focuses on the stories of sexual abuse, violence and the experiences of repeated accounts of molestation over the course of two adolescent years. Donavan shares how these events led to her sense of self - shattered to pieces for over a decade. We all start healing in our own ways.

Episode 5 | It's Time To Leave

We all have "glory days" or at least that's what Donavan tries to remember about leaving high school. In her final year of high school, listen as Donavan shares about the No Child Left Behind impacts of testing taking and the embarrassing feelings of hitch hiking for the first time. Bitter sweet are the memories before starting college and how an advisor's harsh truth sets a fire in her to trail blaze for other's that may share a similar story.